E-learning System (Classera)

Technology has become the new language in all spheres of life and the world is witnessing a growing development and diversity of learning techniques. Thus, development in the field of education is no longer confined to the use of computers and tablets in education; rather, the real evolution is the optimal use of the latest technologies. Hence, Riyadh schools’ vision is to integrate technology in education through the use of all the latest technologies and systems in order to create an interactive and competitive culture in keeping with the spirit of the learning process.


Riyadh Schools signed a contract with Classera company to implement an online learning management system to help teachers and students interact via online lectures, to use online courses, and to do activities uploaded by teachers. This system also enables teachers to provide course materials, discussion forums, chats, online quizzes, and interactive resources for students anytime and anywhere.


  • Provide effective E-learning management systems to facilitate teachers’ work and communications among different stakeholders in the educational process.
  • Facilitate the work of teachers in the management of effective and interactive learning.
  • Students get information anytime and anywhere.
  • . Establish an online community in which all concerned parties can communicate through the learning management system, forums and e-mails without the barrier of time and space.
  • Manage, store and process all data and information electronically.

E-learning System

  • Learning management system (LMS).
  • Student Information System (SIS).
  • Student counseling and discipline & behavior management system.
  • Daily attendance system (attendance & absence).
  • Social learning system.
  • Distance learning system (smart classrooms).
  • The financial and tuition fees system.
  • Reports and certificates management system.
  • The educational e-mail system.
  • Follow-up, notifications and collective SMS system.
  • Measurement and advanced statistical analysis system.
  • Virtual laboratory system.