Real Madrid Academy in Riyadh Schools

Real Madrid Academy in Riyadh Schools is an independent sports facility that is specialized in training and developing the talents of the young at an early stage according to the up-to-date educational and training techniques. These techniques are based on the strategies and programs adopted by Real Madrid Foundation and in accordance with the educational and sports vision of Riyadh Schools and the culture and values of the Saudi society.

Philosophy of the Academy

The Philosophy of the Academy is based on the theories of the integrated growth of students and the possibility of integrating positive social values and practices in physical education. This is because sports are not an end themselves; rather they are a means to develop capabilities, acquire social skills, deal with others in a respectful way, balance between the needs of the person and that of the team, and turn sports fanaticism to teams into a keen interest in good play and commitment to team spirit during watching or participating in sports competitions.

Goals of the Academy:

The general goal of the Academy is to turn sports games into a tool of instilling positive values in students, making students acquire healthy life styles, and helping parents provide their children with integrated education and bringing up.

Detailed Goals of the Academy:

  • Discovering talents in all games at an early stage.
  • Providing a safe educational environment that motivates students and parents to take part in activities of the Academy.
  • Spreading the sports spirits and the culture of collective performance among students.
  • Raising the health, cultural and social awareness among students.

Targeted Group

Male and female students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between 6-17 years old.

Work Domains of the Academy

The work domains of Real Madrid Academy in Riyadh Schools are various and include the following:

  • Creating programs and cultural, social, health and sports activities that suit the capabilities and preferences of member students.
  • Preparing active curricula that achieve the targets of the Academy in all the activities and programs it offers.
  • Training teachers and coaches to be able to instill active healthy practices and positive values in students, and to help students engage in collective play and have respect for the team.
  • Engaging students with special needs in social games in order to enable them to lead active social life styles that boost their confidence and make them feel that they are active players in society.
  • Raise the awareness and boost voluntary work practices in the field of management of sports championships. The revenues of these sports championships are dedicated to the development and to support needy families.

Conditions to Join the Academy

  • The age of the student should be between 6-17 years old.
  • Commitment to the code of ethics of the Academy.
  • Punctuality in attendance of programs and engagement in activities.
  • Passing the medical test.
  • Paying the fees.

Memberships in the Academy

The Academy offers three types of membership as follows:

  • Honorary Membership:
    It is granted after the approval of the Academy’s manager.
  • Player Membership:
    It is acquired by a member for one renewable year after the approval of the Academy’s manager.
  • Institutional Membership:
    It is granted after the approval of the Academy’s general supervisor in return for annual fees.

Technical Team

The technical team- responsible for organizing the activities and programs of the Academy- is characterized by:

  • Has a wide experience in integrating sports games with social skills and in instilling positive values in member students.
  • Is expert in following up and reporting the physical, social and ethical progress of the member students.
  • Is capable of providing a safe, motivating and healthy educational and training environment.
  • Is able to make participants acquire the skills of leading a healthy life style, interacting with the team and building active social relationships.
  • The specialties of the technical team members are versatile to cover all the needs of member students.

Training Programs of the Academy

The Academy offers a number of training programs that aim at integrating education with recreation and sport training; among them are:

  • They Play, We Teach:
    This program is designed to train students to acquire sports skills while we teach them the special skills of dealing with and respecting the team, abiding by instructions and respecting rivals.
  • Preparation of Football Coaches:
    This program aims at training the participating students on the tactical and sport skills of football, and teaching them the rules of the game and the strategies to develop it.
  • Preparation of Champs:
    It is a specialized program to follow up on talented students in sports and enhance their skills to become champs in games they are good at.

Training Periods:

  • Training in programs of the Academy starts in December and ends in July of the next year.
  • Each training program lasts for 8 weeks, during which the participating student should take 24 hours of theoretical and practical training.
  • Junior students (from 6 to 12 years old) should take one training hour daily.
  • Senior students (from 13 to 17 years old) should take two training hours daily.