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Nahla Al Juraisy Launches Her 1st Book at Riyadh International Book Fair 2017

Nahla: My book Is Gift to All People for Positive & Successful Life Alghofaili: Nahla’s Achievement Bodes for Promising Generation contributing to Country’s Renaissance & Vision

Nahla Abdul-majeed Al Juraisy – grade 9, international stream at Riyadh Schools – has introduced her first book “Neither weaken, nor despair” on Friday, 10 March 2017 at Riyadh International Book Fair 2017. The book includes many texts and quotations that drive the reader to think positively in order to overcome the hardships and obstacles that hinder successes The 14-year old girl Nahla has said: “I started writing this book about six months ago as I am very interested in reading, writing and Arabic literature. In this book, I have tried to focus on the positive topics that take the reader to think about success and overcome all obstacles and difficulties on the way of success". She has added: “I feel very happy for the presence of my friends, teachers and school staff at the book fair during the book signing, and I promise them to do all my best. I dedicate this book to all readers and I wish them all the success”. On the other hand, Ms. Asma Khalid Al Kadi, Principal of the international intermediate and high school, has expressed her happiness at her student’s achievement, saying: “Everyone is proud of this achievement, especially from a brilliant student who always participates in literature activities while maintaining academic excellence in all subjects” Riyadh Schools Director General Mr. Abdulrahman Bin Rashid Alghofaili has praised this achievement as he said: "Nahla is an example of the excellent student, who always seeks to develop her talent and achieve excellence over her generation. I am very glad of this book that includes many precious literary texts. This achievement bodes for a generation that loves Arabic language and is capable of innovation and excellence to contribute to the renaissance of our country and achieve its vision”. It is noteworthy that Riyadh Schools offers many enrichment programs and extracurricular activities that develop the students’ literary skills and encourage them to read, such as “the reading log”, “take a book home”, “World Arabic Language Day”, and the “independent reading” program that are implemented by the intermediate and high school.

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