The Principal’s Statement

Dear prospective parent/employee

Welcome to the International High School Boys (IHSB) at Riyadh Schools.

Riyadh Schools itself is a school system which encompasses seven schools educating a total of 3500 students. Students are almost all Saudi citizens with a few exceptions. I am the Executive Principal of one of the schools - the International High School for Boys (grades 7-12) which has around 400 students.

The students follow a curriculum diet which includes English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Arabic, Islamic studies, Social Studies, Art, World History and PE. Essentially we follow an American curriculum focusing on Common Core Standards and NGSS. Saudi national external exams in Qudrat and Tahsili are a real measure of our students against the rest of the kingdom. Next academic year all indications point towards IHSB being the highest scoring school in Qudrat examinations in the Kingdom. A remarkable achievement.

Our students come from highly respected families within Riyadh and are keen to succeed in school. The students are very aware of what good teaching looks like and generally enjoy school. The dedication of our teachers are second to none and are excellent role models for our wonderful student body.

Many students have had significant achievements this year, notably in Fencing, Archery, football and Equestrian Show jumping, A Riyadh Schools student is generally polite and able to speak well publicly. He supports his community with kindness by giving in charity and he knows his duty towards his friends, family and the Kingdom itself. A student at Riyadh Schools understands that Saudi Arabia is developing as a powerhouse in the local region and internationally and appreciates the opportunities available with a good educational grounding. He realises he needs to develop his intellect and understanding of the world to truly participate in developing Saudi Arabia.

Having worked in many International schools worldwide, It really is my pleasure and honour being the Executive Principal of Riyadh Schools (IHSB). I encourage all of you to participate fully in this warm community of ours as we grow from strength to becoming even stronger.

School Principal

School structure

هيكل المرحلة

International Stream

In the international stream, Riyadh Schools for boys and girls adopts the international schools’ curriculums in national subjects (Arabic Language, Islamic Education, Social Studies) from grades 1-12. In addition to that, Riyadh Schools also adopts the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and English Language and math curriculums according to California Core Standards. Riyadh Schools also applies the 21th century skills rubrics as these are common skills that will be needed for the future labor market. The international stream is being accredited by AdvancED.

Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities:

  • Be on time for all classes, student assemblies and scheduled appointments
  • Arrive at school well rested and prepared to actively engage in all classes and activities.
  • Complete and submit all homework and tasks on due time.
  • Adhere to and obey all Riyadh Schools’ guidelines and regulations governing behavior in and out of classrooms.
  • As a part of the learning process, listen and respond positively to constructive feedback and use it to improve learning.
  • Always strive for academic excellence.
  • Show respect, care and concern for all members of Riyadh Schools’ community.
  • Help to keep a safe and positive school environment for everyone.

Student Rights

  • A broad based quality curriculum that, when coupled with quality teaching, meets the differentiated and developmental needs of each student.
  • All students have a right to receive instruction that encourages and reinforces the qualities of honesty, integrity, compassion, sincerity, hard work that are central to Saudi culture and Saudi Islamic identity.
  • Students have a right to a safe and non-abusive environment that fosters learning and to beneficial relationships with all members of the Riyadh Schools’ community.
  • Students are entitled to individualized constructive feedback that takes into consideration the strengths, weaknesses and success of each student while developing improvement strategies.
  • When appropriate, students have a right to intervention programs. Students should support these programs as they are in their best interest.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

  • You are expected to attend every day of school unless you are sick, had a death in the family, need to appear in court or have a medical appointment
  • If you need to leave school early, your parent/guardian must inform the school beforehand, latest by 8:00 am on that day (except for bereavements, when your parents can request your leave at any time). You must not leave school until a vice principal has given you permission to leave.
  • In all other cases, you will not be allowed to leave school until 1:30 pm. Requests on the same day after 8:00 am cannot be accepted.
  • On returning to school after any absence, you must hand in a letter (with any medical certificates/doctors notes, appointment cards) from your parent/guardian explaining the reason for your absence, to your homeroom tutor.
  • Any work missed due to an absence must be caught up with.

Lateness Policy

  • It is your responsibility to arrive to all of your lessons on time.
  • Late students will be given detentions for lateness on the next school day for up to 30 minutes
  • If you are late on more than three occasions in one semester the school will discuss with your parents your future at the school.

Leaving School due to Sandstorm/Dust storms/Rain

  • As per the instructions of the Ministry of Education, the school can only release those students who are registered with the school’s doctor with certain illness. The doctor may recommend that certain students leave school early

Seeing the Schools’ Doctor

  • Except for emergencies, students can only visit the doctor during lessons if they have been given written permission by a teacher
  • If the doctor decides you should go home or to the hospital, he will call your parent and inform the school admin office. You should wait for your parent in the medical room


If a student is unable to attend school, parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to call the school before 7:30 AM on each day of the absence or obtain approval before the absence. Disciplinary action will be taken against the student if the school is not notified.

In exceptional cases, students may be granted authorised leave from school for one of the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • An immediate family bereavement
  • Religious holidays
  • An emergency case in the family, or any emergency a student might face (decided/approved by the school admin office)
  • A filed trip organized by the school
  • Any other reasons, e.g. appearing before a court of law or seeing a doctor